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The Family Stones | Rachel Naimi

Rachel Naimi

My Vision

I am a wife, and a mom to three beautiful little boys, and desired a piece of jewelry that would be distinctive of our family. I did not particularly want the “traditional” family ring, so I decided to reinvent it by designing my own vision of this representation. This piece would combine a reflection of our modern times, yet maintain the symbolism of family and its individuality. Thereby, the beginning of my signature piece, my “Family Stones”.

I have now created a line of jewelry that is both distinct and unique to each woman, in that it can represent your loved ones whether you are single, in a relationship, or have a family of your own. The method of content consists of a mix of genuine birthstone gems in an intricate palate of colors and brilliance to evoke your personal meaning and emotion. Each piece is custom-made in white or yellow gold, each setting in a dramatic array of gems of your choice, as well as your desired shape, unique to your attribution of family. Each creation bears a miniature “Red Ruby” set exclusively on one side as my signature of authenticity, my birthstone. You can choose your creation as your own personal attestation of yourself and loved ones create an object of adoration, a timeless piece for generations to come.

Create your own perfect fit; create your own “Family Stones.”


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